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 "Louis walked the walk of preoccupation, his aura of self-importance balanced delicately between his patent leather shoes and thinner than thin briefcase."

THE CRITIC, by Black Hamlet, is sure to leave you questioning your most basic assumptions about reality.


 "He loves me. He loves me not. . ." The Flower Game is a moving story about love and relationships by Shannon Kleiner


"The smooth, polished wood and the taught strings drew me to the hands that played it like nothing else ever has. . " The Musician by Shannon Kleiner.


"She sat in the darkness of the forest, her tiny heart breaking. Sobs wracked her frail body, her gossamer wings appearing as wilted petals of a very delicate flower. Head in hands, she sobbed until there was nothing left in her soul."

Fairy Light by Margaret Williams

Even more entertaining short stories by Charles Dale Watson


"The wind runs its slippery fingers through my coat, creating the slapping sound, which a wet coat always makes in the wind." Timeless by Thargore


A collection of entertaining and thought provoking stories by Charles Dale Watson


"Jesse was led kicking and screaming to the electrical moment of atonement." Execution of Justice by Robert Thurston


"Jamie Ray himself just felt an inexplicable need to shine on people who shared his own name." The Original Jamie Ray by Robert Thurston


THE DREAM The perfect story for anyone who ever daydreams at work. By John LaCrosse.

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